A note from David Hulen, the editor of the Anchorage Daily News.
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Dear Anchorage Daily News readers,

It’s been a tough month or two for all of us.

As the coronavirus crisis continues, we’re continuing to mobilize to bring you deep, useful, around-the-clock coverage. Like all of you, the crisis has deeply changed our lives. Reporters, photographers and editors are working from kitchen tables and spare bedrooms, juggling families, home life and work, to bring you news and information you can depend on. As a public service, we continue to offer most of this content free to all.

We’ve seen record readership and we’ve heard from hundreds of you — with coverage ideas, feedback, questions, messages of support. Thank you.

In addition to the public health impacts and changes in daily life, the crisis has brought local economies across the country to a near standstill, including here in Alaska. It’s affected us, too. Traditional media advertising and event revenue have plunged. Independent regional news organizations like the Daily News are fighting to continue to be there for you at full strength — to provide clear, fact-based reporting that can be trusted, to hold officials and institutions accountable, to bring you timely community information, to connect Alaskans with each other. As is the case at many companies, our staff is working with temporary reductions of hours and pay.

We’ve been heartened by the many readers who have subscribed, which helps offset loss of other revenue. Direct reader support is central to our future. Readers have asked whether they can support the Daily News and our continuing coverage of the crisis in ways beyond subscriptions. I'm happy to report the answer is yes.
We’ve partnered with the Local Media Association, a national trade organization, to give readers and organizations a new way to provide direct support for our work. The association has created a 501(c)(3) fund to enable tax-deductible support for local news organizations.

If you believe local news and information are critical, please consider joining others in making a tax-deductible donation to this new fund.

Donate to our COVID-19 Local News Fund

Every dollar raised goes directly to the ADN newsroom to support our continuing coronavirus coverage. Stories about gaps in testing capacity, the struggles of local businesses, roundups of assistance available and how it's being delivered, a look at the good, inspiring work being done in Alaska. Consistently timely and reliable news and information.

(If you haven't subscribed, please consider it, it's not expensive and it powers what we do.)

As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support. Please stay safe and healthy.

David Hulen
Editor, Anchorage Daily News

P.S. We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback. Email me at dhulen@adn.com or use this form.

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